25 Largest Oil Refineries in Asia

Asia is the prime land for Oil reserves as many high Oil reserved countries are located in Asia, the Gulf countries export oils to major Asian countries mainly including India, China, South Korea, and Japan. The importing countries own refineries for crude oil to separate petroleum products like petrol, diesel, and gas. Asian countries are developing and hub of business and Oil plays the main role to solve the energy concerns.

Jamnagar Refinery in India is the largest Oil refinery in Asia and in the World with a daily production capacity of 1,240,000 barrels, The SK Energy Co., Ltd. Ulsan Refinery is the second largest (850,000 barrels per day), and the third-largest Oil refinery is GS-Caltex Yeosu Refinery (830,000 barrels per day) both refineries are located in South Korea. Saudi Arabia has many major Oil refineries many of them have good capacity refining facilities.

RankRefinery NameLocationCompanyCapacity
1Jamnagar RefineryIndiaReliance Industries1,240,000 bbl/d
2SK Energy Co., Ltd. Ulsan Refinery South KoreaSK Energy850,000 bbl/d
3GS-Caltex Yeosu RefinerySouth KoreaGS Caltex730,000 bbl/d
4ExxonMobil Jurong Island RefinerySingaporeExxonMobil605,000 bbl/d
5S-Oil Ulsan Refinery South KoreaS-Oil560,000 bbl/d
6Ras Tanura RefinerySaudi ArabiaSaudi Aramco550,000 bbl/d
7Shell Pulau Bukom RefinerySingaporeRoyal Dutch Shell458,000 bbl/d
8Mailiao RefineryTaiwanFormosa Petrochemical450,000 bbl/d
9Rabigh Refinery Saudi ArabiaPetroRabigh400,000 bbl/d
10Yanbu' Refinery (SAMREF)Saudi ArabiaSaudi Aramco/Exxon Mobil400,000 bbl/d
11Jubail Refinery (SATORP)Saudi ArabiaSaudi Aramco/Total400,000 bbl/d
12YASREF RefinerySaudi ArabiaSaudi Aramco/Sinopec400,000 bbl/d
13Jazan RefinerySaudi ArabiaSaudi Aramco400,000 bbl/d
14Essar RefineryIndiaEssar Oil406,000 bbl/d
15Jubail RefinerySaudi ArabiaSaudi Aramco/TOTAL400,000 bbl/d
16Cilacap Refinery IndonesiaPertamina348,000 bbl/d
17Zhenhai RefineryChinaSinopec345,000 bbl/d
18Kawasaki RefinerySaudi ArabiaTonenGeneral Sekiyu/ExxonMobil335,000 bbl/d
19Bandar Abbas RefinerySaudi ArabiaNIOC335,000 bbl/d
20Ningbo RefineryChinaSinopec320,000 bbl/d
21Jubail Refinery (SASREF)Saudi ArabiaSaudi Aramco/Shell305,000 bbl/d
22SRC Jurong Island RefinerySingaporeSingapore Refining Corporation285,000 bbl/d
23Al-Ruwais RefineryUnited Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi Oil Refining Company280,000 bbl/d
24Nanjing RefineryChinaSinopec265,000 bbl/d
25Maoming RefineryChinaSinopec265,000 bbl/d

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