20 Countries by Most People Living with HIV-AIDS

This is the list of Top 20 Countries, estimated people living with HIV infection. Approximately 260,000 children died from AIDS in 2009 alone. South Africa is the highest infected by HIV/AIDS. Moreover, many countries in the continent of Africa are highly infected by HIV/AIDS. It killed more than 25 million (World total) people from 1981 to 2006. The ranking of the country by most Peoples infected with HIV/AIDS in the world, estimated by the World Fact Book.

HIV infected T cell
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20. Myanmar

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia, recognized as a disease of concern by the Burmese Ministry of Health. According to UNAIDS, there were 200,000 to 570,000 people living with HIV/AIDS.

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Total Population: 51,486,253
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 200,000 – 570,000

19. Indonesia

Indonesia is the country in Southeast Asia, is the 4th populous country in the world. There were around 300,000 people with HIV/AIDS, somewhere 0.1% of the population.

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Total Population: 237,424,363
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 310,000

18. Botswana

Botswana is the country in South Africa, the fastest-growing economy. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Botswana was estimated at 24% for adults in 2006, making Botswana is the highest infection rate in the World.

Botswana flag

Total Population: 2,029,307
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 340,000

17. Cote d’Ivoire

Republic of Cote d Ivoire, popularly known as Ivory Coast is the country in West Africa. As of 2014, around 460,000 people living with HIV/AIDS, the prevalence was 0.60 per 100 adults in 2003. There were an estimated 47,000 deaths from AIDS in 2003.

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Total Population: 20,617,068
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 460,000

16. Thailand

In 1984, HIV/AIDS was first reported, over half a million people have died since 1984, Thailand is one of the highest prevalences of HIV in Asia.

Thailand flag

Total Population: 66,720,153
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 532,500

15. Cameroon

Cameroon is the country in the continent of Africa, As of 2004, approximately 560,000 people (given recent stats below) living with HIV/AIDS, somewhere around 6.90 per 100 adults.

Cameroon flag

Total Population: 19,100,000
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 610,000

14. Ukraine

Ukraine is the European Sovereign State, is the largest country in Europe. It is high in death rate and low in the birth rate. Ukraine is one of the fastest-growing HIV/AIDS diseases in the world. According to UNAIDS, there were 685,000 people living with HIV/AIDS.

Ukraine flag

Total Population: 45,888,000
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 685,000

13. China

China is the most populous country, people affected by HIV have been estimated at around 800,000 somewhere around 0.1% of the total population of China. The government of China has taken many developments to prevent HIV infections.

China flag

Total Population: 1,339,724,852
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 740,000

12. Russia

Russia largest country by Area with an adequate population, According to the Federal HIV center by 2019 the number of HIV infections will reach 2 million.

Russian Flag

Total Population: 143,030,106
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 980,000

11. Zambia

Zambia’s population is around 13 million and HIV infection in this country reached 1 million. Infection rates are highest in towns and cities and lower in rural areas with low population density.

Zambia flag

Total Population: 12,935,000
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 1,000,000

10. Malawi

Approximately 1.1 million (10.8% of the country’s population) people living with HIV-positive. People in Malawi responding of services provided for HIV/AIDS and resulted in a gradual decline in HIV prevalence.

Malawi flag

Total Population: 14,901,000
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 1,100,000

9. United States

About 1.2 million people live with HIV as of 2009, and about 1/8th of them are unaware of their infection. The infection was first found in 1980. Around 50,000 people are infected with HIV each year in the U.S.

USA Flag

Total Population: 313,263,000
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 1,200,000

8. Uganda

Uganda a country on the Continent of Africa, is one of the Highly HIV/AIDS infected countries in the world. Ugandan Government has been fighting against HIV/AIDS since 1990 and established AIDS Information Centre to provide HIV testing and counseling services.

Uganda flag

Total Population: 32,369,558
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 1,300,000

7. Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the countries in Eastern Africa, According to WHO (World Health Organization) in 2012 estimated the prevalence of HIV was 3.1%. Comparing to 2012 with 2001 data, AIDS death has decreased by 33%.

Tanzania flag

Total Population: 43,188,000
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 1,400,000

6. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of the small countries by area and has a low population, estimated national HIV prevalence rate is 15% while 12% infection rate for men and 18% for women.

Zimbabwe Large

Total Population: 12,521,000
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 1,600,000

5. Mozambique

Mozambique is the country in the continent of Africa, is one of the poorest and most undeveloped countries in the world. In 2011, over 11.5% of the population was infected, and according to health authorities estimated about 1.7 million people were HIV-positive.

Mozambique flag

Total Population: 22,894,000
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 1,600,000

4. India

India is the 2nd populous nation, the government made many efforts to prevent HIV infection and now it’s under control, which is down from 0.41% in 2002 to 0.27%. The last decade has seen a 50% decline in the number of new HIV infections

India Flag large

Total Population (2015 estimate): 1,276,267,000
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 2,000,000

3. Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries with a high rate of HIV infections, more than 3 million Kenyans are HIV-positive, and more than 700 people a day die of HIV illness, over 1.5 million people have died since 1984 because of HIV/AIDS. The Kenyan Government declared HIV/AIDS is a national disaster.

Kenya Flag

Total Population (2014 estimate): 45,010,056
People Living with HIV/AIDS: over 3,000,000

2. Nigeria

Nigeria is the 7th populous nation, the rate of HIV in Nigeria is much lower compared to other nations of African nations on total population. As of 2014, the HIV prevalence rate among adults ages 15-49 is just 3.1%of the total population.

Nigeria Flag large

Total Population (2015 estimate): 182,202,000
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 3,300,000

1. South Africa

South Africa is the 24th populous nation, According to the 2013 UNAIDS Report, South Africa has an estimated 6.3 million people living with HIV (13.6% of blacks people, 0.3% of whites people). The government made efforts to fight AIDS, increased funding for the scope of AIDS treatment.

Total Population Flag

Total Population (2015 estimate): 54,956,900
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 6,300,000


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