15 Reasons to Visit Kolkata – Exploring the Charms of the City

There are a number of compelling causes to visit Kolkata. To begin with, the city has a rich cultural history since renowned poets, authors, and filmmakers were born there. Kolkata is a haven for lovers of literature, art, and music because of its vibrant cultural scene and stimulating intellectual atmosphere. Second, the Victoria Memorial and the Howrah Bridge, two architectural wonders of the city, combine colonial and contemporary styles. A unique shopping experience can be had in Kolkata’s bustling markets like College Street and New Market, and the city’s diverse culinary scene will tempt your taste buds with delectable Bengali cuisine.


Kolkata also observes other holidays, most notably Durga Puja, which turns the city into a vibrant, joyous spectacle. Last but not least, Kolkata’s wonderful hospitality, or “Bengali tehzeeb,” makes visitors feel respected and welcomed. With a stunning fusion of history, culture, art, food, and hospitality, Kolkata is an alluring location that will leave visitors with lifelong memories.  Kolkata Hyatt Regency is one of the best in Kolkata, and everyone should visit.

  • This well-known monument made of white marble honours Kolkata’s imperial past. It was constructed in her name and houses a museum with a sizable collection of works of art, antiquities, and historical objects. It is a must-see location because of its stunning architecture, immaculate gardens, and serene ambience.
  • On the Hooghly River’s banks lies a shrine dedicated to the goddess Kali. It is highly recognised for its magnificent design and is a much-liked place of pilgrimage for Christians. The main temple, which is ringed by smaller shrines and gardens, receives thousands of visitors each day. For a fully immersed experience, attend the evening aarti (prayer ceremony) and sense the spiritual atmosphere.
  • India’s oldest and biggest museum is the Indian Museum, which was established in 1814. It has a sizable collection of items from several fields, including archaeology and natural history. Discover its galleries, which include a wide range of topics including anthropology, fine arts, and ancient civilizations. The museum provides an interesting glimpse into India’s extensive cultural heritage.
  • The Hooghly River is crossed by the Howrah Bridge, a cantilever bridge and one of Kolkata’s most recognisable landmarks. The bridge that connects Kolkata to its bustling twin city, Howrah, is a marvel of engineering and a hub of activity. To experience the vibrant atmosphere and take in the expansive views of the river, cross the bridge.
  • A historical landmark, the South Park Street Cemetery is a peaceful sanctuary in the middle of the city. It serves as the final resting place for several British colonisers and notable Kolkatans. While examining the colonial-era tombs, epitaphs, and Gothic architecture, take in the peace and quiet of this historic cemetery.
  • On the Hooghly River’s banks lies Princep Ghat, a well-known recreational spot. The river, the iconic Howrah Bridge, & the Vidyasagar Setu can all be seen from there. Take a leisurely boat ride and a picnic by the water and take in the tranquil atmosphere.
  • Marble Palace is a stunning home built in the nineteenth century and is considered a hidden gem of Kolkata. It is well-known for its stunning marble interiors and incredible collection of sculptures, paintings, and antique furniture. The palace is open to the public and offers a glimpse of Kolkata’s opulent way of life.
  • The Indian Coffee House is a Kolkata tradition that was founded in 1876. It’s a popular hangout for intellectuals, authors, and artists. While immersed in the old-world charm and participating in intelligent talks, have a cup of coffee or tea.
  • College Street, frequently referred to as “Boi Para” (Book Market), is a book lover’s delight. There are various bookstores, publishing offices, and educational organisations in the area. Explore the diverse selection of books, ranging from academic to fiction, and observe the strong intellectual culture that exists on this busy street.
  • One of the fifty-one Shakti Peethas (holy places) in Hindu mythology is the Kalighat Temple, a well-known temple dedicated to Goddess Kali. According to legend, the temple was built where Goddess Sati’s right foot touched the ground. To experience devotion and spirituality, see believers doing rituals and praying.
  • One of the most recognisable cathedrals in Kolkata is this wonder of architecture. The cathedral’s beautiful interiors, stained glass windows, and Gothic Revival architecture make it a haven for contemplation and prayer. Attend a Sunday service or look around the historical and art displays in the cathedral.
  • One of Asia’s largest planetariums is the Birla Planetarium, which is located in the heart of Kolkata. It features programmes on the wonders of the cosmos, space travel, and astronomy. It is an enjoyable and informative experience for individuals of all ages because of the dome-shaped theatre and the illuminating talks.
  • A unique attraction that combines education and fun is Science City. It contains interactive exhibits, science shows, and a space theatre. By taking part in practical experiments and demonstrations, visitors may gain knowledge about a variety of scientific concepts. The facility also offers training on a range of scientific topics as well as transient displays.
  • The Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa’s organisation, is headquartered in The Mother House. It serves as a place of worship and a tribute to the life and accomplishments of this Nobel winner. Pay your respects at Mother Teresa’s grave after visiting her museum and viewing her personal effects.
  • Park Street is a famous road in Kolkata, dotted with restaurants, cafés, and boutiques. It is a bustling hive of activity, particularly during festivals and festivities. Enjoy delectable Bengali food, live music performances, and the city’s dynamic nightlife at the many bars and clubs.

Finally, Kolkata has a variety of attractions to suit a wide spectrum of interests. From architectural marvels and historical monuments to cultural icons and literary hotspots, the city is a treasure mine of activities that will fascinate tourists and leave them wanting more. Everyone should definitely visit Kolkata and explore it completely in order to enjoy the amazing places of Kolkata. 

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