15 Best Beaches to visit in United Kingdom

The UK, being a collection of islands, has plenty of beaches. Because of the variable geology and topology of Britain, these beaches all have their own distinctive character. If you desire to spend a great time with your family and kids, then these beaches in the UK are the perfect destinations for your enjoyment. Here we have mentioned 15 of the best beaches that you can explore in the UK.

1. Porthcurno, Cornwall

It is very easy to recognize this beach for its beautiful cliffs, and the internationally renowned Minack Theatre is situated here. Both sunbathers and theatre-lovers, visit the turquoise waters of the beach, and here they can enjoy picnics and also paddling in a brook that flows nearby. Apart from this, there are a lot of things to do nearby, with the eighty ton Logan Rock only a small distance around the bay to the left and the famous Submarine Telegraphy museum found just in front of the car parking area.

Image by L Maras from Pixabay

2. Reculver Beach, Kent

There is a dilapidated Roman fort hovering on the shoreline Reculver’s beautiful beach. Apart from the fort, there are also two medieval church towers that now function as navigation markers for shipping. This attractive sand beach is a haven for those who are searching for a peaceable hideaway.

Photo by Marathon via Geograph.org.uk

3. Broadsands Beach, Paignton, Devon

This bay is suitable for the kids as it is both sheltered and safe. It is reputed for its unusual red sands and the rolling grassland extending in its wake. After spending some time making sand castles, stroll along the boardwalk which is lined with multi-colored beach huts all along the English Riviera.

Photo by Reading Tom via Flickr

4. Southwold Beach, Suffolk

This beach is lined with very bright beach huts and extensive dunes. You’ll find the Southwold Harbour, which is a booming hub of fishing commerce and boat building, at the southerly end of town. The harbor provides rowing-boat ferry facility over to the adjoining Walberswick, which is the home of the Crabbing Championships.

Photo by Peter Barr via Geograph.org.uk

5. Pedn Vounder Beach, West Cornwall

Pedn Vounder is a tranquil little bay which can only be reached by boat. Its privacy and isolation, particularly when it is cut off from neighboring beaches by high tide, means that it is quite popular with nature lovers.

Photo by Sarah Charlesworth via Geograph.org.uk

6. Achmelvich Beach, Highlands

Innumerable wonderful beaches can be found among the little coves on the western coast of Scotland. Some of these are vast stretches of sand, and some are sheltered bays with blue sea, and virtually all of them are free from crowds, noise and pollution. Achmelvich can boast of a series of lovely, friendly beaches along with an attractive landscape.

Photo by michael hardman via Geograph.org.uk

7. Blackpool Sands, South Devon

This confidentially owned beach is a paradise for young families. Although the beach is mainly made up of pebbles, an extensive sand area has been appended. There’s also a beach cafe, a fresh water paddling pool, a seaside shop and lifeguards in peak season.

Photo by Richard Knights via Geograph.org.uk

8. Brighton, Sussex

There are plenty of activities to do on this beach, from nightlife and shopping to arts festivals and kite surfing. There exist tea rooms, galleries, summer festivals, arcades, and busy markets. The lodging can be pretty fashionable too with the presence of many luxury guest houses nearby.

Photo by GaryReggae via Geograph.org.uk

9. Pentle Bay, Isles of Scilly

Peaceable, soothing and pleasingly remote, Tresco is an island which people love to visit when the stress and struggle of everyday life becomes too much. Here you will be able to notice hidden beaches distributed among the Isles of Scilly, and Pentle Bay is debatably the most charming of the lot with the turquoise sea and white sand and it makes you feel like you are in the Bahamas instead of Britain.

Photo by John Rostron via Geograph.org.uk

10. Blackpool, Lancashire

Blackpool, recognized for long as best British seaside, provides us with penny-drop games, roller coasters, and long sandy beaches for castle making, striped deck chairs, arcades, hot dogs, candy floss, and almost everything that you can eat. It is very hard to beat Blackpool for family amusement.

Photo by N Chadwick via Geograph.org.uk

11. New Quay, Wales

Although the UK is swarming with beaches for the enthusiastic birdwatchers, it’s not often that you find dolphins in the coasts of Britain. But there are huge opportunities for you to catch sight of bottle nose dolphins at New Quay in Wales. Boat trips are organized by the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre.

Photo by Brian via Geograph.org.uk

12. Barafundle Bay, Pembroke shire, Wales

While the surfers prefer to visit the White sands Bay and sunbathers like to pay a visit to Tenby, Barafundle is among the most serene sites on the Pembrokeshire coast. Though isolated from the neighborhood, but it’s the ideal spot to get your family members together for a picnic before heading back to the mundane daily life.

Photo by gary mcvey via Geograph.org.uk

13. Bamburgh, Northumberland

The beach extends for 3 miles from Bamburgh to Seahouses, and it offers views from Lindisfarne to the Farne Islands from its shoreline. Devoid of deserted kiosks and messy beach restaurants, it is best to arrange for a picnic to enjoy on this tranquil, golden beach.

Photo by Pauline E via Geograph.org.uk

14. Scarista, Western Isles

This spectacular, white sand beach is a peaceful paradise. Here you can explore an often desolate beach, play a game of golf or even go for kite surfing. If you prefer pubs and boutiques and also warmer weather, then avoid Scotland and go to the popular Whistable for a passionate day by the seaside.

Photo by Elizabeth Barker via Geograph.org.uk

15. Purbeck Beaches, Dorset

The Purbeck Beaches make up only a part of the 600 mile long South West Coast Path. Here you can relish a walk along the cliff pathways that overlook the spectacular coastal landscapes from Anvil Point and Old Harry Rocks to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door.

Photo by Lewis Clarke via Geograph.org.uk

Thus we understand that sea beaches in the UK have plenty to offer for our recreation and you can also enjoy the theme parks, nature reserves, bars, arcades and restaurants. If you are searching for a lazy walk, a swim in the sea or a beach ready for the kids to play games safely, then there should be something from the above mentioned beaches in the UK to suit you.

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