11 Tips on How to Stay Calm During Divorce

Although divorce is often the end of toxic or just unhappy relationships, people tend to perceive it as a tragedy full of anxiety and stress. If you see that your marriage is about to fail and you can’t help but wish to terminate it as soon as possible, you will need the tips we have gathered for you. We know how to make the process of your marriage termination less painful and scary, so feel free to use our pieces of advice.


The first thing we suggest that you do is meditation. Oftentimes, when we hear the word ‘meditation’, we imagine sitting somewhere on top of a rock in Bali and learning about Buddha’s heritage. This is not what we recommend; meditation can even take the form of a prayer that you repeat every night before going to bed. This activity aims to bring peace to your mind and feed your soul with hope and positivity. 

Get your body to move

The second thing you need to do when you are expecting to deal with any stressful event like divorce is find a way to put your body into action. No matter what kind of active rest you prefer—jogging, riding a bike, going to the gym, swimming, dancing, etc.—it’s important for your mental health to do it. 

Start attending yoga classes

If you are not a big fan of the gym or other active ways to challenge your physical abilities but still want to know how to stay positive during divorce, you need to try out yoga. This type of activity impacts not only your body but also your mind and regulates your nervous system. As a result, you learn to be calmer and react less to stress. 

Communicate with people who bring you up

Another way to stay calm when you file for divorce is to communicate with people who inspire you, entertain you, or just support you, regardless of your position in the divorce. Make sure you surround yourself with colleagues, friends, and relatives who have your back and appreciate you to feel more confident and self-sufficient during your case discovery and trial. 

Don’t try to control every step of the process

Only a few posts with tips for divorce recovery will state the following: you don’t need to control everything to make your marriage end legally. Mostly, couples in divorce are advised to learn the process in detail and track every step taken by their future ex and the judge. Such an approach will not help you fasten your marriage dissolution, nor will it help you stay calm and positive. Therefore, do your thing, and let others do theirs without trying to control everything. 

Spend quality time with your kids

Since kids are often impacted by their parents’ split-up, it is time to dedicate as much of your attention to them as possible. To stay calm and peaceful in mind, choose relaxing ways to spend time together: go for long walks together, cook, take weekend trips to nearby spots you love, etc. You can even attend art therapy classes together to boost your creativity and reduce anxiety and stress. 

Create a reward for yourself 

While thinking, ‘How to make it through a divorce?’, you probably have forgotten to think about your actions and plans after that. Imagine the ways you can praise yourself for finishing this process and start realizing them. For example, you can plan a vacation with your kids or your friends to change the view out of your window for a while, and then go back to your daily routine refreshed and happy. 

Filter your social circle

You might have heard that people in your social circle influence your worldview, habits, and self-perception. Besides this, they contribute to your state of mind, mental health, and success that you are about to achieve in life, so make sure you surround yourself only with those who help you strive and grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

Accept advice only from those who are happy after divorce

On your way to your new single life, you will meet a lot of people who are ready to give you some tips or hints that you may not need. Therefore, to stay calm and confident, you don’t have to listen to everyone who expresses their opinion on your marriage or its ending. If you want to improve your personal life and mental state, accept tips only from people who have been in your shoes. Other people’s words should not bother you or make you doubt your decisions or actions. 

Consider visiting a psychologist

If you feel like you cannot share your true feelings and thoughts with anyone but you need to do that, feel free to join a divorcees’ group or attend one-to-one meetings with a psychologist. It can be a completely life-changing experience, especially if you feel lost and confused after the breakup with your long-term husband or wife. Don’t worry about what other people think; do it for yourself and your well-being. 

Know your goals

Finally, to stay calm and concentrated during the divorce procedure, you need to stand your ground and understand who you are and where you are going. Consider listing your goals after marriage and breaking them down into smaller steps to achieve them with no rush or anxiety. It is always easier to move forward when you know exactly what you want and what you are ready to do to get it done.

With those tips stated above, you will stay conscious and positive throughout the whole process of terminating your marriage and will be able to grow out of it smarter, stronger, and more productive than before.


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