10 Wealthiest Universities in the World

If you are looking forward to getting an education at a university, there are many things that you should consider, starting from location, reputation, education, placements and so much more. But how often do we all consider the wealth of universities? The wealthier an institute is, the more likely that its facilities and teachers are top-notch. Even if you like occasionally getting help editing or rewriting your assignments from services like Edubirdie, having a world-class faculty can only be possible through large pools of funds, and, of course, a richer college also means better facilities and better financial aid to students as well. Let’s look at 10 of the wealthiest universities in the world.

10. Northwestern University ($9 Billion+)

Northwestern University
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The Northwestern University was founded in 1855 and it has two separate campuses in the USA along with an overseas campus in Qatar. Most of the endowments of the university come from building and land assets and its Kellogg School of Management. Their landholdings are their biggest source of income for the most part and they’ve done quite well in terms of offering students high-quality research facilities.

9. Texas A&M ($11 Billion+)

Texas A&M University
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Texas A&M is one of the biggest tertiary systems in the United States and they have campuses spread across 11 different locations. College Station is their flagship campus and most of their endowment comes from fundraising campaigns they hold. The high-quality research facilities that are present on campus draw students from all over the world to Texas A&M.

8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ($12 Billion +)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Massachusetts or MIT is popularly known as the Mecca of computer education. The biggest contributor to the funds is a certain Mr. Smith who donated anonymously. Years later it was found out that the donor was George Eastman, the founder of Kodak. The university has become the leader in science and technology and they have been shaping young minds thanks to the high-quality faculty and infrastructure on offer.

7. University of California ($13 Billion+)

University of California
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The University of California is spread across 10 official campuses and it is one of the top-tier universities that students from all over the USA and beyond flock to. It is one of the best public education colleges in the world. It’s UC Berkeley is arguably the most renowned thanks to its status as the flagship campus of the university. The Hewlett Foundation has been one of the biggest donators to the university and it also gets its money from its land holdings all across the country.

6. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology ($20 Billion+)

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
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The Kind Abdullah University might not be close to being termed as ‘old’ but it has been able to become one of the most impactful universities in the world after its launch in the year 2009 allowing it to take its place on this list thanks to massive donations that they have received. The college is nicknamed ‘House of Wisdom’ due to the international level courses they are offering. The cost for graduate students to study in college is $0!

5. Princeton University ($20 Billion+)

Princeton University
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Princeton is one of the oldest universities in the world and it currently distinguishes itself from the rest as being the number one university in the USA and also holds its place as the sixth wealthiest university in the entire world. It has been able to raise high levels of endowment thanks to the quality education they provide which leads to many organizations and alumni members donating. They also have their own art museum which fetches millions of dollars for college funds. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is one of the top donors to the college.

4. Stanford University ($21 Billion+)

Stanford University, California
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Stanford is known to be one of the highest-ranked universities in the USA and it has been performing quite well in the fields of education, law, and engineering. The university was founded in the year 1885 and the massive university soon became a breeding ground for some of the top talents around the world coming to study. Silicon Valley’s biggest names have been involved with this university being one of the major sources of its donations allowing it to become one of the top universities in the world. Hewlett-Packard, popularly known as HP is one of the top donors to the University.

3. Yale University ($23 Billion+)

Yale University
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Yale University is known to be one of the top 10 universities in the United States of America and it is home to some of the best law schools in the world along with distinguished colleges in medicine, management, and many other fields. Yale’s endowments have been regularly increasing over the years and it is one of the richest universities in the world. Some of the largest donations that have been made towards Yale also include some of the alumni who have been able to achieve high levels of success thanks to the quality education provided at the University.

2. University of Texas ($25 Billion +)

University of Texas at Austin
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The University of Texas was founded back in 1876 and it is one of the most famous universities in the world. Most of the donations that the college receives are from individual donors like the Hearst Corporation, Bill and Melinda Gates Science Complex, Dell Computer Science Hall, and other contributors who provide donations in order to maintain the status of the university as one of the best in the world in science and technology.

1. Harvard University ($32 Billion +)

Harvard University Boston
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The University of Harvard or Harvard University currently has 32.7 billion USD in the form of funding and it is known to be the wealthiest university in the world at the moment. The college was founded way back in 1936 and it was named after John Harvard, a clergyman who founded it as New College. There have been plenty of massive donations that have been made to the college with one of the most famous instances being a 150 million USD donation that was donated by Citadel’s founder Kenneth C. Griffin and he is currently the biggest donator in the history of the college.

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