10 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations In Thailand

With vacations just around the corner, many people start searching for their ideal destination for a trip with family and friends. While there are a million options, Thailand is one place that has a wide variety of attractions for multiple interests of tourists. Whether you are going on vacation with family, friends, or for a honeymoon, Thailand has something to offer everyone.

Before you plan your visit, make sure you know the weather conditions there and do a search about the best time to visit Thailand so that you can avoid the stormy, rainy season and make the most of your holidays. After taking care of the time to visit, take a look at the places to visit in Thailand below:

1. Bangkok

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is most popular for its nightlife. This cosmopolitan city has a huge variety of attractions for tourists. If you are there for shopping, huge, multiple-story shopping complexes are just the right place to go with family. If you are vacationing with friends, Bangkok’s nightlife is sure to make your visit a worthy one. Places like Wat Pho, the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, the temple of the golden Buddha, the giant swing, and the national museum are the most famous attractions in Bangkok.

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2. Chiang Mai

If you think Bangkok’s life is too busy and fast and you want a place with a relaxed nature, visit Chiang Mai too. This is a famous destination in Thailand, especially among backpackers and travelers. Chiang Mai also has Thailand’s most popular and reasonable night bazaars. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Chiang Mai include WatPrathatDoiSuthep, DoiPui, DoiInthanon, and WatChediLuang.

To explore Thailand by car, you may need an International driver’s license; you can obtain one by submitting the necessary documents to the International Drivers Association.

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3. Pattaya

If you are looking for some soothing time at the beach or family fun at the beach, Pattaya is just the right place to visit on your tour of Thailand. Seaside massages and water sports are the main attractions for tourists, especially during the summer season. Besides, Pattaya houses a beautiful botanical garden, and the Wang Boran Sanctuary of Truth beautifully pays homage to Hindu and Buddhist architecture and is, therefore, a must-visit location for tourists.

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4. Phuket Town

After your long exams and then dissertations, which you may have written with the assistance of top dissertation experts, planning a long vacation on a beach’s side is soothing. If you want to experience a mélange of lifestyles, you should visit Phuket Town on your trip to Bangkok. This place is truly a cultural extravaganza. You will see monks walking past the streets, where you can also find various nightclubs. The mixture of traditional Buddhist lifestyles with fast-paced city life is a great deal for tourists who want to experience both of them.

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5. Krabi Town

Especially if you plan on having an adventurous tour, Krabi town is a must-visit place. It is a popular destination for adventure lovers, as it serves as a base camp for the exploration of jungles, idyllic islands, and limestone cliffs. Besides the popular Tiger Cave, rock climbing, scuba diving, and beautiful beaches are what attract tourists to Krabi town.

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6. Kanchanaburi

Nature in its most beautiful form, along with historical sightseeing opportunities, is the main attraction for tourists from around the world. Some of the most popular places to visit during your stay in Kanchanaburi include the River Kwai Bridge, Hellfire Pass and Memorial Museum, Don-Rak War Cemetery, and Jeth War Museum.

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7. Ayuthaya

Once known as the most magnificent place on earth, the remains of Ayuthaya have now become a popular tourist destination. Especially, those who have a love and interest for historical sites never miss a chance to visit Ayuthaya on their trip to Thailand. Some of the most popular historic sites in Ayuthaya include WatPhra Si Sanphet, WatRatchaburana, and WatMahathat among many others.

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8. Railay

Due to its high limestone cliffs, Railay is only accessible by boat, and this is what makes this location the most tempting in Thailand. With a great deal of adventure, like rock climbing, this place also has beautiful and relaxing beaches. The bungalow resorts with beautifully landscaped gardens serve as the perfect place to relax during vacations.

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9. Ratchaburi

Ratchaburi is known for its one-of-a-kind market. The DamnoenSaduak Floating Market is a unique market where customers roam around the market in a boat along Ratchaburi’s canal. Tourists can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, noodles, and even souvenirs for extremely reasonable prices in this market. Other tourist attractions in Ratchaburi include Ratchaburi National Museum, WatMaha That Worawihan and etc.

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10. KhaoLak

After the 2004 tsunami disaster, this place rebounded and gained tourist attention for its secluded and peaceful beaches. Being quieter than most of the other coastal areas in Bangkok, this place is ideal for those who simply want to relax and have some family time during vacations. The scuba diving facilities on KhaoLak beaches are also a famous tourist attraction.

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Once you have an idea of all the famous destinations in Thailand, do not wait any longer and book your plane as soon as your vacation time begins. Also, make sure to get some research done on hotel reservations before you reach your destination.

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