10 Largest Multinational Supermarkets by Number of Stores

There are hundreds of supermarket companies providing their services all over the world, where most of the things are offered for clients with discounts and wholesale and are typically located in cities and populous towns. We ranked them based on the total number of stores or outlets in their limit. With over 53,000 locations in 16 countries, 7-Eleven is the world’s largest supermarket by total outlets. SPAR and Wal-Mart are the world’s second and third-largest multinational supermarkets, respectively. We’ve listed the top 10 below.

1. 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is the world’s largest operator of convenience stores, has more than 50,000 retail stores in 16 countries, established 15,000 outlets in Japan alone, and the United States with 7,800 outlets and opened 6,800 retail stores in Thailand and rest of the outlets spread in 13 countries. It employed over 45,000 and estimated revenue of $84.8 billion in the year 2009.

Headquarters: Japan, USA

Served Countries: Australia, Canada, China (Hong Kong and Macau), Denmark, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand

Founded: 1927

Number of Outlets: 53,000


SPAR is an international retail franchise established in 1932 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands it spread outlets in 35 countries. SPAR functions in most European countries, as of 2011 SPAR generated revenue of 31.1 billion Euro. It is the largest Multinational supermarket chain in the world after 7-eleven.

Headquarters: Netherlands

Served Countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Botswana, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mauritius, Montenegro, Namibia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Founded: 1932

Number of Outlets: 12,500

3. Wal-Mart

Walmart is the successful retail corporation owned by Walton Family and the biggest private employer with over 2.2 million employees and largest retailer and largest public corporation by revenue with over $476 billion in 2014 and spread retail stores in 27 countries.

Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas, United States

Served Countries: USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Mexico, UK

Founded: 1962

Number of Outlets: 11,088

4. Carrefour

Carrefour Sans is a French retailer and one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world with over 1,400 hypermarkets as of 2011, it is the 4th largest retail group by revenue and total outlets. There are 364, 969 employees including all outlets around the world, with over 76 billion euro revenue annually is the largest retailer after Wal-Mart, Tesco and Costco.

Headquarters: Boulogne Billancourt, France

Served Countries: Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Macedonia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, The Bahamas, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE

Founded: 1958

Number of Outlets: 10,102 (including Hypermarket)

5. Lidi

It has a chain of supermarkets in 28 countries in Europe with over 9800 outlets with 315,000 employees the revenue of the company is around 48 billion euros as of 2013. Most of the Lidi’s Supermarket is located in Germany and France and spread all over Europe. The Lidi Planned to expand their outlets in the United States and Australia.

Headquarters: Neckarsulm, Germany

Served Countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK

Founded: 1930

Number of Outlets: 9,800

6. Aldi

A discount supermarket chain spreads its 9,000 outlets in over 18 countries and revenue came up 53 billion euros the statistics of 2009. Most of the outlets are located in Germany, Australia, United States and spread out over European countries.

Headquarters: Essen, Germany

Served Countries: Australia, Austria (branded as Hofer), Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia (branded as Hofer), Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA

Founded: 1945

Number of Outlets: 9,600

7. CBA

CBA is the Supermarket that emerged in Hungary and serves 11 European countries and 30,000 employees including all outlets. Its products are Grocery and General merchandise.

Headquarters: Alsonemedi, Hungary

Served Countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia

Founded: 1992

Number of Outlets: 5,200

8. Migros

Migros is the largest employer and supermarket chain in Switzerland it has a variety of products which trading in their outlets including food, books, homewares etc. Migros has 86,393 employees in 2011 and expanding its chain constantly.

Headquarters: Turkey

Served Countries: Morocco, Egypt, Switzerland

Founded: 1925

Number of Outlets: 4,417

9. Crai

Crai is a Supermarket chain that has stores in Malta, Switzerland, and Albania with 3,200 outlets in 3 countries.

Headquarters: Italy

Served Countries: Malta, Switzerland Albania

Number of Outlets: 3,200

10. Auchan

It is the French international retail group headquartered in France with a revenue of 44 billion euros in 2011. The Auchan is one of the Supermarket chains with over 3,000 outlets in 12 countries with over 265,000 employees.

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Served Countries: China, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine

Founded: 1961

Number of Outlets: 1961

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