10 Best Awesome Destinations for Honeymoon

What is next after wedding? Honeymoon. Choosing the right place to enjoy your honeymoon peacefully after wedding is challenge. The ideal destination must embody most if not all of what the two of you love and desire. The following ten destinations are on my preference list of the best honeymoon destinations.

Hotel Riu Palace of Cape San Lucas, Mexico

Source: www.riu.com
  • It is located in the Southern part of California in Baja Peninsula of Mexico.
  • This is an exclusive destination for the wedding that has numerous attractions and several spectacular features.
  • One will enjoy a splendid environment in a green serene surrounding overlooking the beach. One can choose to have a wedding either in the beach or just under the sun.
  • Their services are luxurious with a prompt response.

Radisson Blu in St. Maartens

Source: www.edsaplan.com
  • It is a serene tropical wedding destination in the Caribbean Islands.
  • Saint Maartens in the Caribbean Island possessed by both the French and the Dutch.
  • In the Island is a private resort Radisson Blue hotel that is equipped with the private beach.
  • One can have both wedding and honeymoon in the same place.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Photo by ©4Corners via tripadvisor
  • It a Mexican land that is known for its unique ecological diversity.
  • It has a beach with white sand.
  • The backdrop here is great with the Maya ruins and a green tropical forest.
  • It has Secret Capri Riviera Cancun for the adults and the all-inclusive Casa Magna Marriott and the JW Marriott hotels.

Dominican Republic

Source: www.domrep.org
  • The place is famous among the Canadians in winter for Sunbathing along the sandy beaches.
  • There are several honeymoon resorts in the land most of which are situated in Punta Cana. For those seeking for the upscale and all inclusive life scale, there is a private Zoe try Aqua Resort.
  • The resort is in serene and private place and focuses on healthy being and wellness of the people.

Couple Resort, Jamaica

Source: www.couples.com
  • It lies in the prime location in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica.
  • There are two resorts that cater for the exclusive honeymoon, Ocho Rios and Negrils.
  • Both facilities have active entertainment.
  • They both lie near the beach with crystal clear waters and white sand.

The Grand Hotel in Florence

Source: www.themostperfectview.com
  • It is located in Italy.
  • It was built on the 18th century palace along a river called Arno in Florence.
  • The background of the river will add a taste into the honeymoon making it awesome especially the video and the photographs.

Four Seasons Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Source: www.fourseasons.com
  • The place is a superb place for the honey moon.
  • It caters for many people at once is a unique and different way and in style.
  • For the honeymoon purposes, they can help you craft unforgettable features for you two.
  • They have wedding specialist that are ready to help with unmatched skills in the subject matter.

Mombasa in Kenya

Source: www.thebeachfrontclub.com
  • This is a premier location exemplary for the honeymooners.
  • The top notch tourist destination has state of art 5 star hotels like the English Point Marina that offer specialized services for the couple in honeymoon.
  • People of the land are hospitable and welcoming.
  • In the locality are monuments like Fort Jesus, game parks and marine game reserves along the Indian Ocean on the white sand beach in tropical climate.

Walt Disney World

Photo by EDWIN RODRIGUEZ via Panoramio
  • The hotel offers a number of specialized packages for their customers including honeymoon escape and deluxe escape.
  • A trip to Bahamas apart from array of amenities choices complements your stay here.


Source: http://global-conferences.eu/dubai/
  • This city in the United Arabs Emirates has the best facilities for the bride and her prince charming.
  • The climate is warm and the Oceania sandy white with pebbles.