10 Awesome Exercises to Use as a Bench Press Alternative

Barbell Floor Press

The barbell floor press is one of the most appropriate benches press alternative exercises which is quite similar to classic bench press exercises performed on the ground. It engages the same muscles which encourage you to learn proper form, correct torque, and balance.


  1. Lie down with your back and keep your feet flat on the floor. Then bend your legs, and stretch your arms completely. Then hold the barbell over your shoulders with your palm facing out
  2. Then gradually lower the weight touching the floor
  3. Then tightly push the bar back up
  4. Do it 3-4 sets 8-12 reps


It is a safe and effective substitute for the barbell bench press. You can do it anytime, anywhere without equipment. There is a wide range of variations from beginner to advanced push-ups including diamond, shoulder-tap, knee push-ups, etc.

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  1. Push-ups continuously focus different muscles in your entire body
  2. Multiple hand postures activate biceps and triceps more effectively, also isolate muscle shoulders and pectorals
  3. Push also effectively regain your shoulder and chest strength during rehabilitation from injury


Dips are amazing for beginners to progress their physical ability. This can be done through bodyweight, a weighted vest, or a dip belt.


  1. Place your both hands on a sturdy chair behind you. Your both arms will remain straight but make sure they’re not locked out
  2. Gradually lower yourself as much as you can. Support your body weight with both of your arms. Keep your legs straight, parallel to the floor
  3. Pause and push yourself back to the initial point
  4. Do it 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps

Dumbbell Fly

This exercise primarily engages your chest muscle group higher than any other bench press alternatives.


  1. Lie down on your back on the flat bench posture and keep your feet on the floor. Hold a dumbbell in both hands with your palms facing each other, and your arms should be stretched to the side
  2. Pull dumbbells up over your chest center
  3. Then take your hands apart, while lowering the dumbbells to both sides at your shoulder height
  4. Do it in 3 sets, 10-15 reps.

Incline Dumbbell bench press

There are different ranges of dumbbell bench presses available in the market. Each focuses on a particular muscle. For example, a 45-degree bench press or incline bench press is highly focused on your upper extremities.


  1. Lie down on a bench set at a 45-degree angle with a flat back and feet on the floor. Hold a dumbbell with both hands at your chest height with palms pointed in an outward direction
  2. Stretch your arm, push the dumbbell overhead
  3. Then lower the weight back
  4. Do it 3 sets, 12 reps.

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

Other than improving a highly characterized chest, the downfall bench press can further develop your chest area.

Because of drawing in numerous little stabilizer muscles it additionally further develops muscle uneven characters and execution in different activities.


  1. The decay hand weight press includes a similar development design as the grade hand weight press, recently performed lying in a downfall position.
  2. Do it 3 sets, 12 reps

Single-arm dumbbell bench press

It is another variation of the bench press workout with a single dumbbell.  It is an excellent option for activating muscles than regular barbell movement would. It is a single-arm bench press alternative for fixing strength and imbalance between your left and right arm. It engages your core to develop your abs.


  1. Lying down at a flat bench, as you have done on the previous two workouts. Here you’ve to do it one hand at a time
  2. Do it in 3 sets. 12 reps.

Hammer Strength Chest Press

It is a machine chest press exercise combined with plate-based loads. It is not so different from than previous 5,6,7 variations


  1. Sit in an inclined position, keeping your back straight. Feet will remain flat on the floor
  2. Hold the machine handle, squeeze them tightly for optimum shoulder stability
  3. Do it with a tucked elbow, do it with a dumbbell chest press
  4. Don’t use a thumbless grip, do 6 sets, 10 reps 

Standing Cable Chest Press


  1. Stand one step at a time face away from the machine.
  2. Lean forward and hold the links in an overhand grasp generally at your chest tallness.
  3. Push them out before you, hold, and bring them back.

Cable Crossover

It is another outstanding exercise for strength and stability.  Cable Crossover generally hits the lower pec part. It stretches your chest muscles, engaging them from various angles to promote muscle growth.


  1. Leaning forward, stand in the link machine face away from it carefully and the links and loads are situated at a high level.
  2. Hold both of these handles in an overhand grip, and pull both of your hands together.
  3. Stop when they touch each other. Then, leave your weight, and bring your arms back4.   Do it in 3 sets, 10-12 reps.

Do these 10 exceptional exercises to Improve hand grip strength. You can use a handgrip strengthener along with it for better result

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