10 Most watched television Events in the World

2008 Olympic opening

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Televisions are wider available media that provide us Events such as Information, News, Sports and Entertainment. The availability of technology causes the worldwide viewership in the particular countries, most of the African people without the availability of television, but in the rich countries like USA, Japan, UK has over 95% availability of television access. 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony is the top most watched television events with worldwide viewer of 984 million, but the total event of the 2008 Olympic watched by around 4 billion People in the world. The Event of Man landed and walk on the Moon was watched by 530 million viewers worldwide in the midnight in 1969, despite the telecast limited for some countries and availability of the television worldwide that decreased the total viewers on Earth. However, the most records set in the previous decade itself. The Statistics given by the TV Network on TV tuned at the Event but many people can watch the event in front of Single TV.

The following is a list of most watched television broadcasts on Earth, the Statistics based on the live events on Television worldwide.


Name of the Event

Number of Viewers


1 2008 Olympics opening Ceremony 2 billion 2008
2 Rescue of Chilean Miners 1 billion 2010
3 2006 FIFA World Cup Final 715 million 2006
4 First Human Walk on surface of the Moon 530 million 1969
5 Aloha from Hawaii 400 – 500 million 1973
6 2011 Cricket World Cup Semi Final 400 million 2011
8 Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton 350-400 million 2011
9 Jhon F.Kennedy Funeral 180 million 1963
10 Spring Festival Gala 135 million 2007
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