List of Nursery Schools in Sharjah

The following list of Nursery Schools in Sharjah are notable in the city and mixed with US, Arabic, Indian, UK and Canadian Curriculum and the list with Contact Numbers of Every Nursery Schools in Sharjah.

Nursery Name /th>TelCurriculum
ABC Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5661197
ACS Nursery SharjahUS
Al Ahlia Nursery +971-6-5371157Arabic
Al Aman Nursery +971-6-5519525
Al Amana Nursery +971-6-5245567
Al Hanan Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5523896Arabic
Al Khaleej Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5271524
Al Khan Nursery +971-6-5663831Indian
Al Marah Childrens Skills Development +971-6-5376116
Al Murooj Nursery +971-6-5246667Arabic
Al Nasr English Nursery +971-6-5244454Arabic
Al Tamayouz Nursery +971-6-5669962Arabic
Al Zahra Nursery +971-6-5283010Arabic
Australian International Nursery +971-6-5337722Australian
Baby Angel Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5224494
Baby Future Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5226219
Baby Garden English Nursery +971-6-5637568Arabic
Baby Land Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5540081
Baiban Barak Nursery +971-6-5248100Arabic
Balloon Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5226068UK/Indian
Basateen Preschool Center +971-6-5067717
Big Ben English Nursery +971-6-5240105UK/Arabic
Bluebells Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5281852Indian
British Islamic Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5227364Arabic/UK
Bumble Bee Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5228461
Canadian Preschool +971-6-5226624Canadian
Child Club Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5220045Arabic
Day Care Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5385678
Delta Nursery +971-6-5669870
Dreamland Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5661133Arabic/French/UK
Emirates Buds Nursery +971-6-5225635Indian
Emirates English Nursery +971-6-5663339UK
Emirates Montessori House of Children +971-6-5671017Indian
English Rose Nursery +971-6-5228477UK
Euro Kids International Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5222343Indian
Greenbelt Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5586666
Gulf Nursery +971-6-5271524Arabic/UK
Gulf Rose Nursery +971-6-5664952Indian
Happy Face Nursery Sharjah
Happy Home English Nursery +971-6-5631772
Happy Kids Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5389300
Khaleej Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5670616Arabic
Kids Island Nursery Sharjah
Kids Kingdom Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5226710UK
Kids Paradise Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5669252Arabic/Indian
Kids World Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5673737
Little Angel British Nursery +971-6-5660990UK
Little Feet Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5280787
Little Flower Nursery SharjahRussian
Little Scholars Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5224795Indian
Lollipop Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5247710UK
Pippen Park Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5248100
Playdays British Nursery +971-6-5222544UK
PlayHouse Nursery and Creche Sharjah +971-6-5670207
Russian Nursery SharjahRussian
Sharjah English Nursery +971-6-5589304UK
Sharjah Events and Living Playgroup
Sharjah Kindercare Nursery +971-6-5240911
Shining Stars Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5226737
Smiley Kids Nursery +971-6-5671799
Special World Nursery +971-6-5247767
Stars British Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5667270UK
Step Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5225239Asian / Indian
Stockholm Nursery Sharjah
Talents Centre for Learning +971-6-5635863
Tanmiyat Al Maharat Nursery +971-6-6335552
Tender Moments Nursery Sharjah +971-6-5229419
Tender Steps Nursery +971-6-5663051UK
Victoria English Nursery +971-6-5226034UK
Yamama Nursery +971-6-5225767
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