List of CBSE Schools in Sharjah

The Following list shows CBSE Schools that located in Sharjah City with Contact and Other useful information, only CBSE and notable Schools listed below other local Schools ignored. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is primarily Indian official Board Controlled by Indian Government that maintains Education system through their Standard.


School Name Tel Level Curriculum Qualifications School Fees
Delhi Private School Sharjah +971-6-5345352 K-12 Indian CBSE 6,360-8,280
Delta English School +971-6-5359244 primary Indian CBSE
Emirates National School Sharjah +971-6-5242252 K-10 Indian CBSE
GEMS Millennium School Sharjah +971-6-5358176 primary Indian CBSE 8,000-10,500
Gulf Asian English School +971-6-5340000 K-12 Indian CBSE 3,470-5,530
India International School Sharjah +971-6-5356000 Indian CBSE, Montessori
Indian Excellent Private School +971-6-5249249 K-10 Indian CBSE
Leaders Private School +971-6-5225560 K-10 Indian CBSE 6,000-9,250
New Horizon Indian School +971-6-5248279 K-10 Indian CBSE
New Indian Model School Sharjah +971-6-5228035 K-12 Indian CBSE, SSLC
OOEHS Sharjah Boys +971-6-5355227 K-12 Indian CBSE 6,050-9,680
Our Own English High School Sharjah +971-6-5386486 K-12 Indian CBSE 5,324-10,648
Progressive English School +971-6-5672234 K-12 Indian ICSE, CBSE
Radiant School +971-6-5663128 Indian CBSE
Sharjah Indian School +971-6-5670560 K-12 Indian CBSE, ICBSE 3,660-5,360
Springdale Indian School +971-6-5635662 primary Indian CBSE
Star International School Sharjah +971-6-5341119 primary Indian CBSE 10,000-16,000
The English School Dhaid +971-6-8826239 primary Indian CBSE
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