Largest Oil Refineries in the World

Refineries are to separate and clean the Crude oil and the output such as Oil, LPG Gas, and petroleum. The economically developed countries with large scale industries and uses transportation to deliver the goods, India, China and the USA are the countries that import oil from the oil reserved countries. There are thousands of refineries in the world with large scale and small scale, private and government owned companies. There are largest oil refineries built on the availability of crude oil and transportation convenience to deliver the fuel to the different part of the country. The ‘Jamnagar Refinery’ is the largest Oil refinery located in India with refines capacity of 1,240,000 barrels per day and SK Energy Co., Ltd. Ulsan Refinery is the second largest oil refinery located in South Korea with the capacity of 1,120,000 barrels per day.

List of Major Oil Refineries in the World

RankName of RefineryOperating CompanyLocationBarrels per Day
1 Jamnagar RefineryReliance IndustriesJamnagar, Gujarat, India1,240,000
2 SK Energy Co., Ltd. Ulsan Refinery SK EnergyUlsan, South Korea1,120,000
3 Paraguana Refinery ComplexPDVSAParaguana, Falcon, Venezuela940,000
4 GS Caltex Yeosu RefineryGS CaltexYeosu, South Korea730,000
5 ExxonMobil ExxonMobilSingapore605,000
6 Port Arthur RefineryMotiva EnterprisesPort Arthur, Texas, USA600,000
7 Baytown RefineryExxonMobilBaytown, TX, USA572,500
8 Ras Tanura RefinerySaudi AramcoSaudi Arabia550,000
9 Garyville RefineryMarathon PetroleumGaryville, LA522,000
10 S-Oil Ulsan RefineryS-OilUlsan, South Korea503,000
11 Baton Rouge RefineryExxonMobilBaton Rouge, LA, USA502,500
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