Countries by Largest Imports in the World

European Union first both in Exports and Imports, countries in European union are richer and has technology, indeed they importing and exporting highly as their economy grows. The import includes all materials, products and services all are legally. The imports aspects are constantly changing year by year depending on the demand of the Services, Materials and Products. European Union’s imports is around 2.39 trillion dollars and holds first position in the list of largest imports in the world, second position for United States ($2.35 trillion) and third for China ($1.81 trillion) and other 27 ranked countries listed below.

Europian Union

RankCountryImportsDate of Information
1European Union$2,397,000,000,0002011 est.
2United States$2,357,000,000,0002012 est.
3China$1,817,000,000,0002012 est.
4Germany$1,276,000,000,0002012 est.
5Japan$856,900,000,0002012 est.
6France$658,900,000,0002012 est.
7United Kingdom$646,000,000,0002012 est.
8Korea, South$514,200,000,0002012 est.
9India$500,300,000,0002012 est.
10Hong Kong$499,400,000,0002012 est.
11Netherlands$490,100,000,0002012 est.
12Canada$480,900,000,0002012 est.
13Italy$469,700,000,0002012 est.
14Singapore$379,700,000,0002012 est.
15Mexico$379,400,000,0002012 est.
16Russia$335,400,000,0002012 est.
17Belgium$325,200,000,0002012 est.
18Spain$322,700,000,0002012 est.
19Switzerland$287,700,000,0002012 est.
20Taiwan$270,700,000,0002012 est.
21Australia$239,700,000,0002012 est.
22Brazil$238,800,000,0002012 est.
23Turkey$225,600,000,0002012 est.
24United Arab Emirates$220,300,000,0002012 est.
25Thailand$213,700,000,0002012 est.
26Poland$206,500,000,0002012 est.
27Malaysia$202,400,000,0002012 est.
28Indonesia$179,000,000,0002012 est.
29Austria$170,500,000,0002012 est.
30Sweden$166,400,000,0002012 est.
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