Countries by Largest Exports in the World

Exports can impact directly on nation’s development many of the countries with the highest exports are richest in the world, Exports includes raw materials, products and Services, these aspects continued from ancient era to present day, and is the most prominent part of economy for every countries. European Union is ranked first with 2.17 trillion US dollar of exports as on 2011, secondly China with exports of 2.05 trillion US dollars, third place for USA with 1.61 trillion dollars of exports. We have ranked on total exports conducted in the particular year that listed below.


RankCountryExportsDate of Information
1European Union$2,170,000,000,0002011 est.
2China$2,050,000,000,0002012 est.
3United States$1,612,000,000,0002012 est.
4Germany$1,492,000,000,0002012 est.
5Japan$792,900,000,0002012 est.
6France$567,500,000,0002012 est.
7Netherlands$556,500,000,0002012 est.
8Korea, South$552,600,000,0002012 est.
9Russia$530,700,000,0002012 est.
10Italy$483,300,000,0002012 est.
11Canada$481,700,000,0002012 est.
12United Kingdom$481,000,000,0002012 est.
13Hong Kong$439,000,000,0002012 est.
14Singapore$408,400,000,0002012 est.
15Saudi Arabia$381,500,000,0002012 est.
16Mexico$370,900,000,0002012 est.
17Belgium$314,600,000,0002012 est.
18India$309,100,000,0002012 est.
19Spain$303,800,000,0002012 est.
20Taiwan$301,100,000,0002012 est.
21United Arab Emirates$300,600,000,0002012 est.
22Switzerland$300,400,000,0002012 est.
23Australia$263,900,000,0002012 est.
24Malaysia$247,000,000,0002012 est.
25Brazil$242,000,000,0002012 est.
26Thailand$226,200,000,0002012 est.
27Poland$192,300,000,0002012 est.
28Indonesia$188,700,000,0002012 est.
29Sweden$177,600,000,0002012 est.
30Austria$163,100,000,0002012 est.
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