Top 10 Largest Natural Lakes in the World

Lakes are the water source that located independently (Separated by the Ocean divisions), the following list of 10 largest Natural Lakes in the World by the Total surface Area. The Man Made Lakes and Reservoir are not listed below.


Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is generally regarded as the Largest Lake in the World, it contains an Oceanic Basin, and its boundary stretched countries of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia. Caspian covers 371,000 squares Km with length of 1,199 km and 78,200 cubic km of water. The Deepest part of this lake is 1,025 meters. So the Caspian Sea regarded as ‘Oceanic Lake’ Geologically.

Surface Area: 371,000 Sq Km



Michigan Huron are officially largest Natural Lake in the World, located between USA and Canada. Both Michigan and Huron are the Single body of water it linked each other. The surface Area of the Lake is about 117,600 square Km with the total length of 8,792 Km, the Maximum depth of the Lake is 922 ft.

Surface Area: 117,600 Sq Km


Lake Superior

It is one of the Great Lakes of North America which is located Near to Michigan-Huron Lake, USA and Canada is the Basin Countries to Superior Lake. Superior Lakes sometimes considered as World’s largest Lake, if Michigan and Huron counted as separate Lakes. The Lake coves area of 82,414 square Km, Stretched 616 Km in length and the Maximum depth is 406 meters.

Surface Area: 82,414 Sq Km


Lake Tanganyika

The Lake is located in region of Africa with inflow of Ruzizi River, Malagarai and Kalamboo Rivers, Tanganyika Lake Lies on the 4 countries Burundi, DR Congao, Tanzania and Zambia. The total surface Area is about 32,900 sq km with maximum depths of 570 meters.

Surface Area: 32,900 Sq Km


Lake Baikal

Baikal Lake is located in Russia it holds many records of deepest and Largest by Volume of water. The entire Lake landed on Russia with total surface of 31,500 sq km, length 636 km and depth about 1,637 meters.

Surface Area: 31,500 Sq Km

Lake Baikal


Great Bear Lake

The Lake located in Canada with total surface area of 31,153 sq km and 373 km, the Average depth of Great Bear Lake is 446 meters. Its Primary outflow is Great Bear River and has 26 islands, totaling 759 sq km, the surface area at the 186 meter above sea level, temperature drops above -60 C in the winter. The Great Bear Lake is home to different types of fishes including lake trout.

Surface Area: 31,153 Sq Km


Great Slave Lake

Great Slave Lake is the 9th Largest Lake in the World, it is 480 km long and covers area of 27,200 sq km and maximum depth is around 614 meters. The Hay River is the Primary inflow and the main outflow, the Mackenzie River, the surface elevation of Great Slave Lake about 156 meters, frozen in mid June of year.

Surface Area: 27,200Sq Km


Lake Erie

Lake Erie is one of the Five Great Lakes in North America, Primary inflow is Detroit River and Outflow River, the Niagara. The Lake’s Basin countries are Canada and USA. The Total surface Area is about 25,744 sq km, and it is 241 km long with maximum depth of 210 ft.

Surface Area: 25,744 Sq Km