Tallest Waterfalls in Switzerland

Switzerland, a country is located on the equator of the globe, ought wonderful landscapes and cool weather. The mountainous ranges created many highest waterfalls. The amazing landscape makes it a famous tourist destination, visited by millions of tourists. The valleys in the country hold several waterfalls. Beautiful high mountainous ranges and crystal clear lake found everywhere in the country.

Photo by ‘Ricardo Gomez Angel’ on Unsplash
RankName of WaterfallsHeightLocation
1Gietro, Cascade du 1,850 ft (564 m)Valais
2Murrenbachfall 1,368 ft (417 m)Bern
3Giessbachfall1,358 ft (414 m)Bern
4Dündenfall 1,312 ft (400 m)
5Engstligenfall1,213 ft (370 m)Bern
6Schmadribachfall 1,200 ft (366 m)Bern
7Oltschibachfall 984 ft (300 m)Bern
8Staubbachfall 974 ft (297 m)Bern
9Spissbachfall 918 ft (280 m)Bern
10Geltenschuss 750 ft (229 m)

Note: Above mentioned tallest waterfalls of Switzerland are ranked by overall height.

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