List of Largest Oil Refineries in Europe

There are many countries in the list of developed countries, they are depending on energy sources and most of the countries importing oils from oil reserved countries. There are hundreds of small scale oil refineries, as developed countries located in the continent, the demand of the oil for industrial and transportation are high. BP Rotterdam Refinery is the largest Oil Refinery in Europe located in Netherlands with capacity of 400,000 barrels per day, The Novo-Ufa Refinery in Russia is the second largest Oil refinery (380,000 bbl per day) and Total Antwerp Refinery in Belgium is the third largest with 360,000 bbl per day capacity of production. (bbl/d=barrels per day)


List of Biggest Oil refineries in Europe

Rank Refinery Name Location Company Capacity
1 BP Rotterdam Refinery Netherland BP 400,000 bbl/d
2 Novo-Ufa Refinery Russia Bashneft 380,000 bbl/d
3 Total Antwerp Refinery Belgium Total 360,000 bbl/d
4 Normandy Refinery France Total 350,000 bbl/d
5 Kirishi Refinery Russia Surgutneftegas 337,000 bbl/d
6 ExxonMobil Antwerp Refinery Belgium ExxonMobil 333,000 bbl/d
7 Fawley Refinery United Kingdom ExxonMobil 330,000 bbl/d
8 LINOS Refinery Ukraine TNK-BP 320,000 bbl/d
9 Wilhelmshaven Refinery Germany Hestya 300,000 bbl/d
10 Port Jerome-Gravenchon Refinery France ExxonMobil 270,000 bbl/d
11 Plock Refinery Poland PKN Orlen 276,000 bbl/d
12 Ruhr Ol Refinery Germany Rosneft/BP 266,000 bbl/d

Source: Energy Information Administration

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