List of Ethnic Groups in United Kingdom by Population

United kingdom - National FlagThe Major Ethnic groups are British over 85% of total population occupied by them. United Kingdom is one of the crucial economic hubs in the world, indeed many countries of the world have connected for trading and services. UK is the economically developed country and foreigners lives here for Job and Business, the list below is according to the 2001 (Census from official sources of UK) only major ethnic settlements shown below and 230,000 inhabitants of other ethnic groups (Name not shown) living in the country.

Ethnic group


 % of total*

White British 50,366,497 85.67%
White (other) 3,096,169 5.27%
Indian 1,053,411 1.80%
Pakistani 977,285 1.60%
White Irish 691,232 1.20%
Mixed race 677,117 1.20%
Black Caribbean 565,876 1.00%
Black African 485,277 0.80%
Bangladeshi 283,063 0.50%
Other Asian (non-Chinese) 247,644 0.40%
Chinese 247,403 0.40%
Black (others) 97,585 0.20%
Other 230,615 0.40%
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