11 Best Rides to Choose at Tokyo DisneySea

The Best Rides in Tokyo DisneySea, there are dozens of rides really perfect to have Rides such as Roller Coasters, Kids Rides, Indoor/dark Rides, water rides and other specially designed rides and simulators. Tokyo DisneySea is covered in 176 acre of land located in Urayasu in Japan, established on 2001. … Continue reading

30 High Budget Movies of All Time

The Expenses of the film here given on today’s Cost of Production and Value of Money. In the list, ‘Cleopatra’ the film which released in 1963 at the budget of 44 million (Some sources reports $31.115 million) which equivalent of $320 million in 2013 dollars and is still considered as … Continue reading

10 Highest Grossing Filipino Films

The Cinema of the Philippines has deep history from 1919, the films grossing well in the box office nowadays as they earned fans for films and the modern touch to the films. In 2011 Philippine cinema landed 3 highest grossing Filipino films all time. Sisterakas is the highest grossed film … Continue reading

Highest Overseas Grossing Movies of Tamil

Tamil is the leading film industry in India, the films popular in Tamilnadu, Malaysia, Japan and other Tamil settlement countries. The demand and quality of the films are maintained between the competition of other language films in India, the below list shows box office collection in Malaysian and United Kingdom … Continue reading

9 Top Amusement Parks in Delhi

Delhi is the capital and one of the largest cities in India, there are several Historical and man-made attractions in and around the city, the inhabitants in the city expecting relaxation in the weekends, Amusement parks are the best option to have fun and relax, there are dozens of Amusement … Continue reading

Highest Paid Actors in Malayalam Films

Malayalam Films Industry is Fifth largest film industry after Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. The Film Industry has many talented actors in their land and many directors and script writers that so many Malayalam blockbuster films dubbed to Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada Films. The following ranks of Highest paid … Continue reading