Tallest buildings in Kochi

Kochi is the City in Kerala State in India, has many skyscrapers in different parts of the city, and has more than 250 high-rise buildings. Kochi is a Coastal city, one of the economically developing cities, and the port in the city is the largest in India. Choice Paradise is the tallest building in Kochi, it is 126 meters high with 40 floors constructed in 2011.

Height (m) (ft)
1Choice Paradise126 (413 ft)402011
2Oceanus Maple117 (384 ft)352011
3Jomer Symphony87 (285 ft)262010
4Holiday Inn Ernakulam84 (276 ft)222010
5Trinity World 1 (Trinity World)83 (272 ft)252010
6Trinity World 2 (Trinity World)83 (272 ft)252011
7MM Tech Towers83 (272 ft)212010
8Green Hills80 (262 ft)24 
9Emerald Park (MIR Green Metropolis)80 (262 ft)24 
10Berry Woods80 (262 ft)242011
11Astra (Oliva Kalista)80 (262 ft)242010
12DLF Riverside70 (230 ft)212011
13National Excellency70 (230 ft)212009
14Tower of Faith70 (230 ft)212009
15Heera Waters70 (230 ft)212002
16Link Heritage70 (230 ft)212002
17Panjos Gardens70 (230 ft)212002

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