10 Tips on Writing Blog Posts That Rank on Google

There is a common thought that only paid advertising will make your blog content rank on Google on its first page. However, many marketing managers use different free methods of how to promote the articles and make them visible to lots of users on Google. However, you will still need a team of professionals who have experience in promoting businesses via blog articles with a minimum of investment. 

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In this post, we have collected the top 10 effective ways that will help you promote your content on Google and enhance the growth of traffic and number of users. 

Website UX

The user experience your readers receive on your website has a huge impact on the visibility and rank of your content. The design of your website should be intuitive, easy to understand, and attractive. It should consider the latest trends in color combinations and element locations on the pages. You can track the suitability of your website design to readers expectations by checking the data analytics via different tools like Semrush and Google Analytics to see how many minutes users spend surfing your website and particular pages, how fast it loads, and if the content is engaging making users interact with it ( rating the article, sharing to social media, commenting, voting in polls, etc.)

Unique and high-quality content

It seems that all topics are taken and there is no capacity for unique content. Well, partially it is true, writing 100% unique articles is complicated and requires deep research in the area including not only Google articles but scientific articles, topic-related books, magazines, and reports of the professionals in the area. Each article should be well-researched and written meaning using complex words and phrases to show the high quality of the content and your work. The more unique your text is the higher probability of being ranked on Google on the first page. 

SEO optimized content 

Each blog should follow the written marketing strategy in advance considering the company industry and the main goals the business wants to achieve with this blog. After the aims are determined, it is time to research the trendy topics, and their traffic on Google meaning how they are ranked and whether the topics are decent to write about. As the topics are defined, SEO managers start researching the content of the competitors and extract the keywords that will help your articles be shown on Google by the correct requests corresponding to your business goals. Sometimes keywords may not coincide with the article topic but it all depends on your strategy and what things you want to expose in your articles.

Check the results and update the content

Tracking the results of how your articles are ranked on Google is pivotal. After some time posting the article ( the duration depends on how quickly your content becomes visible), you need to check if the content is shown by the required keywords, how much traffic it received, and how many people clicked the link to continue reading the article on the blog. If the number of keywords is not enough and these words don’t match your strategy, content update is obvious to update the information and add more suitable keywords. 

Backlinks from reliable domains

This content promotion looks a little bit similar to the guest posting but it requires more effort and investment. This activity surely requires the help of specialists that are named link builders. The main task is to find suitable articles or discussions on platforms that are read and well known all over the world like IBM, Forbes, The New Your Times, and other famous websites related to your area of activity.  If they agree with your article, then they promise to put the link to your blog article in the next post on their platform. 

Crowd marketing

Not all digital marketing activities require investment. Crowd marketing is one of the effective and free methods to promote your articles on different suitable platforms. Crowd marketing entails a short and engaging description and link to the particular article which you can post on business personal social media accounts in Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Medium, and others. In addition, you can look for posts from famous personalities in your area and comment on their publications adding the link to your research ( blog article). The writing service recommends one more method is to search thematic forums and post suitable articles as comments to the discussion or start the discussion.

Guest posting

Guest posting is used for promoting your content as well as the services\products of your company. This process involves researching the topic-related websites and asking them for paid\free cooperation meaning they will post your short articles or help mention your brand on the trusted popular platforms. Guest posts usually contain from 400 to 1100 words where you can promote your blog article by linking them to anchors as many as you want. It should be unique content even if the topics of guest (pr) posts are similar to your blog. 

Image optimization and alt

Images are used not only to dilute the plain text. Readers expect to see on the pictures the information that will add the particular part of the article or will double the information written in the article but visualized that makes the perception easier. The sizes of the picture also matter as they should fit the screen sizes and should weigh little to load fast. In addition, each picture requires an alt description which provides an image outline in case it doesn’t load fast enough while the user is reading the text.

Titles and headings matter

The titles and headings within your articles are important. They should contain keywords needed to rank your content correctly. Also, they should engage readers to make your articles stand out from your competitors. Moreover, all headings and titles should be unique and fully describe the content within each point to provide readers with the content they expect to find out from this part of the article. If your articles are not “working”, then one of the reasons can be unsuitable headings following irrelevant content.

Internal links are needed 

Not only external and backlinks matter to make Google notice your articles. If you post articles on one blog, you should implement internal links as well. It means that you should put the link from the latest articles to the old ones related to the same topic directly or indirectly. The old articles usually generated more traffic to your website so if you put the link to the news article, its traffic and clicks will increase much faster than common, and consequently the probability of receiving new deals.

To sum up

All actions of improving the content and promoting it on Google should be a part of the marketing strategy created considering our business goals and values. It is not recommended to take lots of quick actions in order to improve your blog content as it can have only a negative impact on the blog traffic in general. We hope the above-mentioned tips will come in handy for your business marketing plan and the custom writing service can provide more useful information related to content promotion.

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