Most Watched Telecasts in Germany

Germany v Italy

Germany is the country in the region of Europe that has millions of crazy Football fans, there are 20 million Germans are members of a Sports Club and association football is the most Famous Sport. The Most Watched Telecasts are from football matches, Which Germans Watched Football matches in 2010, 2006, 2008, 2009 are holding the Most Watched telecasts ever in Germany History most of the Event from FIFA World Cup. German has a Population of 81 million as 2010 and every home owns television as from the source. We have listed Top 10 German Most Watched Live Telecasts 9 of them are Football Events.

The Following List of 10 Telecasts of Most watched in Germany with Some details relating to the Telecast and Event.


Name of the Event


Number of Viewers



1 2010 FIFA World Cup Germany vs Spain (semi-final) 31.10 million  July 2010 Das Erste
2 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany vs Italy (semi-final) 29.66 million  July 2006 ZDF
3 2010 FIFA World Cup Ghana vs. Germany (group game) 29.19 million  June 2010 Das Erste
4 UEFA Euro 2008 Germany vs Turkey (semi-final) 29.43 million  June 2008 ZDF
5 1990 FIFA World Cup West Germany vs Argentina (final) 28.66 million  July 1990 Das Erste
6 UEFA Euro 1996 Germany vs Czech Republic (final) 28.44 million  June 1996 ZDF
7 UEFA Euro 2008 Austria vs Germany (group game) 28.04 million  June 2008 ZDF
8 The Black Forest Clinic Die Schuldfrage (engl.: The question of guilt) 27.97 million  November 1985 ZDF
9 2010 FIFA World Cup Germany vs Australia (group game) 27.91 million  June 2010 Das Erste
10 UEFA Euro 2008 Portugal vs Germany (quarter-final) 27.70 million  June 2008 Das Erste

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