Top 5 Offbeat Places to Visit in Karnataka

A state lying on the shores of the vast Arabian Sea, Karnataka is one of the most demanded tourist destinations in the country. The beauty and charm of the city are beyond description by words. The long stretches of the Western Ghats, rivers flowing through the mid of the state, sea jeweling up its corners, and the bewildering greens of Karnataka will leave any person awe-struck. The state is full of points of interest that one must visit but there are certain offbeat places in Karnataka that should never be missed.


Gokarna Beach

Amongst all the beaches that the country has, the Gokarna beach is the most beautiful. This spectacular Golden Beach is defined by the verdancy of the Western Ghats on one side and the ever-lasting bloom of the Arabian Sea on the other half. The beach is augmented by an esoteric and absolutely rare combination of rocks and white sand. No less than a Hollywood shooting site, this place is not just adorned by the elegance of nature but has amazing entertainment and adventurous options to try upon. The beach extends exhilarating motorboat rides, parasailing, snorkeling, and wave surfing. You can complete your wish to detox by the side of the beach at Ayurveda centers too. This place is a dream that comes true for every holiday-maker.

Kunchikal Waterfalls

Kunchikal Falls

Ranked no.1 in the list of highest waterfalls in India, the Kunchikal fall is a pleasure to the eye. The view of the falls cascading down the rocky boulders is mesmerizing. The waterfalls are formed by river Varahi passes through a picturesque location, amongst the wide stretch greenery of the magnificent Western Ghats. The enchanting waterfall turns its real beauty mode on especially during the rainy season. So, take a break and let the waterfall create magic in your life. The music of water and peace in the atmosphere around the waterfall will definitely make you fall in love with this place.


Irupu Waterfalls

Nature’s true bliss, Coorg is a love joint for every nature lover. Coorg or Kodagu is a hill station that nestles at the peak of a mountain of Western Ghats. The lush green backdrop, several waterfalls pouring from different sites, and the biodiversity richness of Coorg are absolutely bewitching. Experience nature close to your heart and feel it with every breath you take in. One can never afford to miss being at Coorg whilst in Karnataka.


Hazara rama temple, Hampi

The most popular ancient site of India, Hampi in Karnataka ought to be visited. The city was once prosperous and a cultural hub. It grew as a temple city, ruins of which are still present. The stunning temple, its architecture, planning of the city, and much more will give you an idea about how brilliant India’s history was. The fine engravings of the Hindu deities, bathing complex, chariot-like designs of every building and temple, elephant stable, and a lot of other stupefying skills leave the visitors in trance.


Rain Forest Agumbe

Have you ever wondered you can visit Cherapunji in the south of India? That’s right. Agumbe in Karnataka is a true definition of the elegance of Mother Nature. A calm, peaceful, serene, and divine environment, the place is just perfect to spend some quality time with yourself. Cleanse and detox your mind, body, and soul at this place. Agumbe ensures to refill and rejuvenate you and bring a sense of positivity. Take a day off and feel closer to where we belong only at Agumbe.

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