List of Places to Visit in Beijing

Beijing is the world’s most populated city, with a population of 19,612,368 people as of 2010, and China’s economic center. There are millions of destinations to visit in the Ancient and Contemporary worlds, and China is one of the best in terms of architecture, as seen by the massive modern structures, skyscrapers, and amazing architectural designs. This is the ancient city, where several dynasties reigned and left outstanding monuments and historical landmarks. Beijing Municipality now has 16 administrative county-level subdivisions, which include 14 urban and suburban districts, as well as two rural counties. The following is a list of Beijing’s main tourist attractions.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay
  • Forbidden City
  • Tiananmen Square
  • Great Wall
  • Summer Palace
  • Temple of Heaven
  • Ming Tombs
  • Hutong Tour
  • Lama Temple
  • Beihai Park
  • Capital Museum
  • Beijing’s CBD
  • Back Lakes
  • Eastern Qing Tombs
  • Old Summer Palace
  • Ritan Park
  • Yuetan Park
  • Western Qing Tombs
  • Ancient Observatory
  • Beijing Guozijian
  • Bell and Drum Tower
  • Dashilan Street
  • Lingjing Hutong
  • Liulichang Street
  • Lugou Bridge
  • Nanluogu Xiang
  • Peking Man Site
  • Qianmen Street
  • Yandai Xiejie
  • Altar of Earth
  • Badachu Park
  • Dajue Temple
  • Five Pagoda Temple
  • Big Bell Temple
  • Guangji Temple
  • Jietai Temple
  • Niujie Mosque
  • Temple of Azure Clouds
  • Tanzhe Temple
  • Temple of Recumbent Buddha
  • White Cloud Temple
  • White Dagoba Temple
  • Yunju Temple
  • Beijing 798 Art Zone
  • Beijing Aquarium
  • Beijing Happy Valley
  • Beijing Museum of Natural History
  • Beijing Zoo
  • Capital Museum
  • CCTV Tower
  • China Century Monument
  • Chinese Ethnic Culture Park
  • Grand View Garden
  • National Centre for Performing Arts
  • North Putuo Film & TV City
  • World Park
  • Beijing Botanical Garden
  • Fenghuangling Nature Park
  • Chaoyang Park
  • Stone Flower Cave
  • Taoranting Park
  • Xishan National Forest Park
  • Yuyuantan Park
  • Purple Bamboon Garden
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