How to Use Kratom Using Edible Films

Kratom is a common tree in the coffee family, Mitragyna Speciosa. It is a Southeast Asian native tropical evergreen tree with branches used for generations as an herbal additive in traditional remedies and is the source of natural kratom.

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Kratom is neither a drug nor a synthetic substance. Natural Kratom is a safe herbal supplement that acts as a partial mu receptor agonist and is utilized for a variety of conditions, including depression and anxiety, which are widespread in the United States. Despite not having opiates, kratom binds to the same brain receptor locations. Chocolate, caffeine, exercise, and even human breast milk all have similar effects when they come into contact with these receptor sites. Based on its chemical composition, kratom is not a prototypical opioid.

In this blog, you’ll learn about edible films and kratom and their uses, their side effects, respiratory effects, dosing and overdosing of kratom, the rise in the use of kratom in the US, and how to make and take kratom using an oblate disc.

Dosing and Overdosing of Kratom

Continue reading to learn about the normal and overdose of kratom.

Normal Dose

Beginners typically take the initial dose of kratom in the range of 1 and 2 grams. It can be raised 0.5 to 1 gram increments until the desired effects are felt. An interval of 30 to 1 hour must pass between each increment. It is suggested that one adhere to a dosage range of 2 to 5 grams for the majority of consumers.


Overdose is possible with many readily available consumer substances, including coffee, but the most prevalent adverse effects of kratom include temporary stomach trouble and nausea. The FDA stated that just one of the 44 deaths among kratom users occurred without the use of any other respiratory depressants.

In fact, the majority of deaths linked to kratom involved other drugs, according to findings from NIDA, FDA, US DHHS, and WHO ECDD. The question of whether kratom by itself is linked to deadly overdoses is still up for discussion among qualified scientists, as Dr. Giroir noted in the aforementioned 2018 DHHS scheduling rescission letter.

Kratom Use Is Growing in the US

Now, the question is, What caused kratom use to rise in the US?

Asian immigrants make up the bulk of kratom consumers in the US, ignoring the fact that it has been used as a natural, traditional remedy in Southeast Asia for ages. 

From the start of the 1970s to the year 1990.  With the growing interest in herbal treatments as alternatives to conventional treatments and public access to knowledge online, the use of kratom started growing rapidly in the early 2000s.

According to marketing and SEA export estimates, the current market in the US is expected to have 15 million or more people. In 2014, there were an estimated 3–5 million kratom customers. 

How to Make and Take Kratom Using an Oblate Disc

Oblate Disc:

Oblates are thin, flexible, disc-like sheets that are edible, as their name suggests. The oblate discs have no taste and are transparent. The Japanese edible film used to make oblate discs ensures no harm to the human body. The discs are produced using vegetable starch. Rice starch, potato starch, and more examples are provided. 

The kratom brands with a good reputation and who place a high value on quality make sure that the starch they use to make the discs is 100 percent natural. Not only is Kratom wrapped in this Japanese edible film that creates the oblate disc, but other powdered medications and botanicals are as well. 

How to Use an Oblate Disc for Karotam

These films have been used for centuries to take many herbs, making their effectiveness and practicality widely understood. The procedures to use oblate discs are listed below:

  • Make sure you conduct research first. Then, purchase high-quality Oblate CDs; that’s a discussion for another day.
  • Measure your preferred kratom powder or your preferred Kratom strain. The key word here is dosage. Make sure you measure accurately, either with a kitchen scale or, if you’re really certain, using spoons.
  • In the center of the disc, spread out the powder. Don’t fill it too high. It doesn’t need to be extremely precise; just spread it fairly evenly so it will be simpler to fold and swallow later.
  • To keep the powder contained, fold the film. There are now numerous folding methods. There isn’t a general principle. Some people will fold the disc in half, then half again, and so on until it forms a compact, easily edible ball. To seal the powder, some people draw the disc’s edges in and twist the corners together.
  • The final step before you can make use of your Kratom is this. Some claim you can skip this step, but we advise sealing before swallowing.
  • Wet the edges a little bit; this will melt the film there, but only enough to cage the powder. Sealing makes it simpler to swallow and stops the powder from escaping. Additionally, a lot of users have tried soaking the folded discs of kratom powder in water. 

Why Oblate Disc for Kratom?

These days, people frequently ask this question. Oblate discs have drawn more users because they have become more well-known due to their booming fame. But the issue of why remains. Why kratom powder? Why not the capsules instead?

Let’s examine each of these “whys” in turn.

To begin with, it is easy to understand why an Oblate disc exists. These sheets serve to make the kratom powder pleasant, 100% natural, and vegetarian. They are also more convenient to take along.

Additionally, because the powder is enclosed in this film, it takes some time for the film to dissolve after you ingest it, lengthening the duration of the impact. Although some may contend that doing so could delay or weaken the effect, the solution is not that.

Oblate Disc vs. Capsule

As each capsule has a concentrated amount of Kratom, they are easier to carry, do not require dosage measurements, and provide a stronger high than tablets. 

Similar to oblate discs, Mitragyna powder’s unpleasant taste is avoided via capsules, which are likewise flavorless. Discs are less expensive than capsules, nevertheless.


After making the comparison, you must personally test the oblate discs before drawing any conclusions. Since each user experiences an experimental procedure of trial and error based on their preferences, it’s crucial to take responsibility for your journey so you can make sound choices. 

Oblate discs are gaining acceptance among kratom users due to their affordability, simplicity, and ability to mask the bitterness of kratom, among numerous other benefits.

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  • Before using any herbs or supplements, consult your doctor. Take it only with a doctor’s prescription.
  • It is illegal in Vermont, Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arkansas and Rhode Island (In USA)
  • Kratom, CBD oil can have potential side effects, or lead to addiction when taken in high doses or for extended periods.
  • It would also set the minimum age for purchasing and consuming CBD oil or kratom, at 21 years old.

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