Audlem Cricket Club: Heart of Cricket in South Cheshire

Audlem Cricket Club: Heart of Cricket in South Cheshire
By Devin O’Connor

When the season begins and the grassy pitches start to buzz with activity, Audlem Cricket Club steps up to bring the spirit of the sport alive. This article will take a deep dive into the new season’s expectations, the club’s approach to match fees amid economic challenges, and the inaugural outdoor net session.

New Season, New Beginnings A Promising Start

With the previous Saturday’s game being canceled due to ground conditions, there’s an air of anticipation for Audlem as they gear up to play against Audley this coming Saturday. Carrying forward the momentum from their last season, and with some fresh faces added to the squad, the hopes are high for another push towards promotion.

The Sunday Challenge

On the subsequent day, Sunday X1 is set to face a novel adversary—Column CC from Shrewsbury. It’s always intriguing to see how teams adapt to new competition, making it a match to watch out for.

The Economic Angle: Match Fees The Club’s Generous Gesture

Recognizing the financial hardships that many are facing, the club has decided to forego the membership fee for this season. For the third year in a row, players will only be charged on a per-play basis. The fees are nominal: £5.00 for Saturday games and £7.00 for Sunday matches, with the latter including a traditional cricket tea.

Why It’s Great Value

When pitted against other sports, cricket at Audlem offers terrific value. This affordability is possible thanks to the tireless efforts of the club’s volunteers. While many competing clubs on Saturdays might have deeper pockets and paid players, Audlem stands firm in its commitment to accessibility and passion for the sport, those who wish can play live betting casino and have fun from the comfort of their own home.

The First Outdoor Net Session Nets at Gorse Croft

Come Thursday night, if the weather allows, the Gorse Croft will witness the first outdoor net of the season. It’s an open invitation for everyone to join, making it a fantastic opportunity for budding cricketers and enthusiasts alike.


Why was the last Saturday game canceled?

The game was called off because the ground conditions were deemed unfit for play.

How much are the match fees for this season?

It’s £5.00 for Saturday games and £7.00 for Sunday matches.

When and where is the first outdoor net session planned?

It’s scheduled for Thursday night at the Gorse Croft, weather permitting.

Nestled in the heart of Cheshire East, Audlem stands as a testament to time, history, and the undying English spirit. Located approximately 7 mi (11 km) south of Nantwich and proximate to the Shropshire border, this village has stories embedded in its very soil. This guide takes you through the corridors of Audlem’s past and present.

Historical Overview Roots in the Domesday Book

Audlem’s first mention dates back to the Domesday Book, where it was referred to as ‘Aldelime’. The village’s significance continued to grow, with Edward I granting it a market charter in 1295.

Geographical Wonders: Canal and Railway Lines

Audlem graces the Shropshire Union Canal. The canal boasts a remarkable flight of 15 locks, crafted ingeniously by Thomas Telford, connecting the Cheshire and Shropshire plains. The village’s connectivity once extended to railways, but Audlem railway station, along with the local railway line, was closed in the 1960s.

Natural Landmarks

The River Weaver courses gracefully to the west of Audlem, adding to its serene landscape. Additionally, a short distance from the village center, one can find Moss Hall, an Elizabethan timber-framed structure dating back to 1616.

Community and Amenities Diverse Clubs & Activities

Audlem’s heart beats through its plethora of clubs and communal activities. From sports like tennis, football, and cricket to unique pastimes like pigeon-fancying and bell-ringing, the village has something for everyone. Cyclists find camaraderie at the Old Priest-House Cafe, while AudlemOnline serves as the village’s digital hub.

Educational Facilities

Saint James’ Primary School proudly stands as the sole educational institution in the village, fostering learning and growth for the younger generation.

Audlem’s Notable Personalities

Over the years, Audlem has been home to various distinguished personalities, including:

  • Isabella Whitney is known as the first woman to publish secular poetry in English.
  • William Baker was an eminent architect and surveyor.
  • Field Marshal Stapleton Cotton was educated in Audlem before joining Westminster School.
  • Henry Lisle, who became a prominent figure in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Peter Ellson, known for his prowess as a football goalkeeper with Crewe Alexandra F.C.
  • Margaret Canovan, the political theorist who called Audlem home for over two decades

Teams and Leadership The Saturday Champions

Having recently joined the NSSCL, the Saturday first team is gearing up for a season of thrilling matches and sportsmanship. Under the strong leadership of skipper Chris Shenton, they are all set to create a legacy of their own.

The Sunday Friendlies

Not just limited to league matches, the club boasts a Sunday team that focuses on friendly matches, fostering camaraderie and love for the sport. The Sunday side, under the experienced John Wainwright, offers a mix of rivalry and teamwork.

Join the Audlem Cricket Club: Calling All Enthusiasts

Cricket is a sport that thrives on its players, and at Audlem Cricket Club, there’s always room for more. Whether you’re an expert with the bat or just starting out, the club welcomes players of all abilities. To express your interest in cricket betting and be a part of this rich cricketing tradition, reach out to Simon at or give him a ring at 07473266369.

Location & Accessibility Where to Find Us

The club is situated at:

The Clubhouse, Gorse Croft Farm, Bunsley Bank, Audlem, Cheshire, CW3 0HS. Directions to the club can be accessed via a map, ensuring no cricket enthusiast misses out.

Service Details

Organisation: Audlem Cricket Club

Service Type: Things to Do

Website: Audlem Cricket Club

Areas Covered in Cheshire East: Audlem

Opening Times

The club buzzes with activity, primarily on:

  • Saturdays
  • Sundays


Audlem Cricket Club stands as a testament to the village’s love for the sport. With its welcoming atmosphere and dedication to fostering talent, the club invites all to experience cricket in its purest form.

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