Top Data Recovery Software’s for Mac

The following lists of Top Data Recovery Software for Mac are voted by the Users and experts and reviewed well by users on the web, the prices of the Software’s could have changed in the meantime. The Recovery options are different than each others and they offers variety of functionality to recover from Hard Disk, Removable Disk, External Disk and other Storage devices. Keeping your PC clean and Protective is help you one day not to feel about data loss, It can happen by other fault, no problem choose below one of the software to Recover your valuable data back.

Software Company Price ($) Drives Supported Web


R-Tool 75 External Hard, Drives, RAID, Removable Media, SCSI, IDE, Serial ATA

Stellar Phoenix

Stellar Information Systems 49 External Hard Drives, Removable Media, SCSI, IDE, Serial ATA

Data Rescue

Prosoft Engineering 99 External Hard DrivesSCSI, IDE, Serial ATA

Total Recall

Total Recall Data Recovery Software 100 RAID, Removable Media, SCSI, IDE, Serial ATA,


CleverFiles Free Compressed FileEmail, Encrypted File, Image Files

VirtualLab Data Recovery

BinaryBiz 40 Compressed File, Email, Image Files

CopyCatX 60 External Hard Drives, Removable MediaSCSI, IDE, Serial ATA

Snuko Anti-Theft & Data Recovery

Snuko UK Free Image Files, Email – – –


Alsoft 100 Compressed File, Email, Image Files

Note: Price Adjusted for inflation or could be changed.

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