10 Richest Women’s in The World

Women’s are still behind from the Billionaires Circle. There are hundreds of billionaires in the World with the greatest income sources from industries, Trade, Investments, Technology. Most of the female billionaires’ property comes from after the death of their husband, father or other near relationships. Some of the Women’s are earned the Assets by their own effort, sources of the women’s Wealth from the notable companies and one of the largest in the country and the world. Family members also involved in the management of their assets and Company. Sam Walton founded Wal-Mart is the company of Retail Stores, the property of the Company shared with many inside their families, Christy Walton and Alice Walton are from the Walton Family. Gina Rinehart is the Richest Women in the World with the Total Net worth about 29.3 Billion US Dollars, the Source of the income from Hancock Prospecting.

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The Following List of 10 Richest Women in the World on the Net worth and based on the closing stock and exchange rates on 2012. The List admits only Females and their Related Families.

Rank Name Birth Year and Age Net Worth(in US$ Billions) Nationality Source of Income Photos
1 Gina Rinehart 1957 (age 54) 29.3  Australia Hancock Prospecting  Gina Rinehart
2 Christy Walton 1955(age 56) 25.3  United States Wal-Mart  Christy Walton
3 Liliane Bettencourt 1922(age 89) 24  France L’Oréal  Liliane Bettencourt
4 Alice Walton 1949(age 62) 23.3  United States Wal-Mart  Alice Walton
5 Iris Fontbona & family 1942(age 69) 17.8  Chile Antofagasta PLC  Iris Fontbona
6 Birgit Rausing & family 1923(age 88) 14  Sweden/ Switzerland Tetra Laval  Birgit Rrausing
7 Jacqueline Mars 1939(age 72) 13.8  United States Mars, Incorporated  Jacqueline Mars
8 Susanne Klatten 1962(age 49) 13  Germany Altana  Susanne Klatten
9 Anne Cox Chambers 1919(age 92) 12.5  United States Cox Enterprises  Anne Cox Chambers
10 Savitri Jindal 1949(age 62) 10.9  India Jindal Steel  Savitri Jindal
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