List of Apartments in Ajman

Apartments are crucial for today in every city that saves land and other construction materials. United Arab Emirates has thousands of Apartments in different part of the Country. Ajman is one of the cities in UAE with average population and there are several kinds of Apartments such as Hotel Apartments, Garden Apartments those for rent. Ajman is the coastline city, indeed many apartments built in coastal of the Ajman city and around it. The Apartments are located in Ajman city and Ajman Emirate , and list of Apartments in Ajman including Contact details and Address of the Apartments.

Apartment NameAddressPhoneFax / Email
Capital Hotel ApartmentsP.O.Box: 20004, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Street, Nuaimiyah
Cornish Hotel ApartmentsP.O.Box: 17371, Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street, Nakheel971 (6)742-6222971 (6) 742-6225
Golden Beach Hotel ApartmentsP.O.Box: 12999, Al Karama Street, Nakheel971 (6)744-4004971 (6) 744-4008
Habib Hotel ApartmentsP.O.Box: 6010, Abu Obeidah bin Al Jarah Street, Rumaylah971 (6)742-4488971 (6)
Hamiltn Hotel ApartmentsP.O.Box: 1468, Street 47, Rumaylah971 (6)742-0707971 (6) 742-0702
Johra Beach HotelP.O.Box: 2705, Ajman971 (6)742-3344 johara.hotel@hotmail.com971 (6) 742-3342
Marhaba ResidenceP.O.Box: 210, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Musheirif Al Tejari971 (6) (6) 740-6664
Royal Palace Hotel Apartments - CornicheP.O.Box: 2327, Al Karama971 (6)745-7999971 (6)
Royal Palace Hotel Apartments - MusheirifP.O.Box: 2327, Musheirif Al Tejari971 (6)740-3444971 (6)
Royal Palace Hotel Apartments - NuaimiyahP.O.Box: 2327, Street 146, Nuaimiyah971 (6)746-3999971 (6)
Safari Hotel ApartmentsP.O.Box: 18892, Al Karama Street, Nakheel971 (6)744-4504971 (6)
Sara Hotel AparmentAbu Obeidah bin Al Jarah Street, Rumaylah971 (6)741-4148
The Paradise Inn Hotel ApartmentsP.O.Box: 3637, Al Mowaihat Road, Al Zahra971 (6)748-8868971 (6)
Tulip Inn - Royal Suites AjmanP.O.Box: 4294, Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street, Nakheel971 (6)741-3777971 (6)

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