Top Highest Paid actors in Bollywood

Bollywood is popular name used in Hindi Film Industry, there are more than 150 movies producing each year with competition to South Indian Films. Some actors salary almost half of the film’s budget, and the actors demands more salary throughout their each success of the movie. Bollywood is the largest film industry on total film production and economy the films releasing all over India, most of the screens in North India. Salman Khan is the Highest Paid Actor in Bollywood, Akshay Kumar and Hritikh Roshan respectively in the second and third Position. Nevertheless, the ranking of the Actors could change anytime depending upon the success of the movies.

1. Salman Khan

He is one of the Bollywood actors and his luck changed recently after the success of Bodyguard and has starred in more than 80 Hindi films.
Remuneration: 27-30 Crore

2. Amir Khan

One of the leading actors and he just acting in one film per year, most of his films grossed well in the box office.
Remuneration: 25-30 Crore

3. Akshay Kumar

He is an Indian film actor, producer and martial artist who has seemed in throughout a hundred Hindi films.
Remuneration: 22-25 Crore

4. Hritikh Roshan

He is an Indian Bollywood actor and appeared as a child actor in various films throughout the 1980s. Once he in the first rank in Highest Paid actor in Bollywood.
Remuneration: 15-20 Crore

5. Sharukh Khan

He is Actor, Producer, his films are made good collection due to High Budget and Promotions, Ra One and Done2 are the High Budget Movies that made good business but the Net Gross is low, when equated to the Film Budget.
Remuneration: 11-15 Crore

6. Ajay Devgan

One of the legend Actor, Producer and Director, his film Golmaal, Singham, Bol Bachan made substantially collection worldwide and his Remuneration increased.
Remuneration: 8-10 Crore

7. Ranbir Kapoor

He is a Bollywood actor and just appeared in 2007 in the film Saawariya, and his film earning an average in the Box Office.
Remuneration: 6-8 Crore

8. Sanjay datt

Sanjay Dutt is an Indian film actor, producer and politician and made his acting entry in 1981, he is acting in the films rarely as side actor and a guest appearance in the recent year.
Remuneration: 5-7 Crore

9. Amitabh Bachan

He is the Legend actor and one of the famous actors in the world, in the recent year appearing as Side actor and guest appearances, charging 1-1.5 Crore per day. His career in the film as Hero not seen in the past few years.
Remuneration: 5-6 Crore

10. Jhon Abraham

John Abraham is an Indian film actor and producer, later modeling he made his film entry to Bollywood as a Hero in the film ‘Jism’.
Remuneration: 4-6 Crore