Top Countries by Most Death Rates in the World

Death Rates calculated on average annual number of deaths during a year per 1000 population at midyear, this is directly impact on countries population, the death may be varies from natural and unnatural death of all aged peoples. South Africa ranked first in Death rate is about 17 deaths per 1000 population as estimated on 2012. Ukraine, Lesotho and Chad are respectively in second, third and fourth places in death rates. The overall death rate in the countries showed in the ranking and the death from any kind. The following ranking of countries shows most death rates as data availed on particular years.

1South Africa17.23July 2012 est.
2Ukraine15.76July 2012 est.
3Lesotho15.18July 2012 est.
4Chad15.16July 2012 est.
5Guinea-Bissau15.01July 2012 est.
6Central African Republic14.71July 2012 est.
7Afghanistan14.59July 2012 est.
8Somalia14.55July 2012 est.
9Bulgaria14.32July 2012 est.
10Swaziland14.21July 2012 est.
11Russia14.1July 2012 est.
12Belarus13.9July 2012 est.
13Mali13.9July 2012 est.
14Serbia13.81July 2012 est.
15Latvia13.6July 2012 est.
16Estonia13.6July 2012 est.
17Nigeria13.48July 2012 est.
18Zambia13.4July 2012 est.
19Niger13.4July 2012 est.
20Namibia13.09July 2012 est.
21Gabon13.07July 2012 est.
22Malawi12.84July 2012 est.
23Mozambique12.79July 2012 est.
24Hungary12.7July 2012 est.
25Moldova12.62July 2012 est.
26Burkina Faso12.47July 2012 est.
27Zimbabwe12.38July 2012 est.
28Angola12.06July 2012 est.
29Botswana12July 2012 est.
30Croatia11.99July 2012 est.
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