25 Best Universities in North America

California Institute of TechnologyThere are hundreds of Universities in North America and here is the 25 of the best of them, the continent consists many Richest Countries and even larger in size, most of the countries here developed and improved in educational activities. United States dozens of Universities that ranked top in the World and on all Subjects, the education quality and the age of the universities is matters to become the best. 15 Universities ranked top in North America that located in United States, the California Institute of Technology is ranked No.1 in North America and in the world, and Harvard University takes second position in North America and in the world rank. United States, Canada and Mexico are the largest Countries in North America and most of the 25 Universities listed below are oldest and located in United States and Canada. The list of the 25 Best Universities Shown below with World Rank and the Data collected by The Higher Education (The Official Ranking Website).

Rank (Europe)Rank (World)InstitutionLocation
11California Institute of Technology United States
22Harvard University United States
34Stanford University United States
45Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
56Princeton University United States
68University of California, Berkeley United States
79University of Chicago United States
811Yale University United States
912University of California, Los Angeles United States
1013Columbia University United States
1115Johns Hopkins University United States
1216University of Pennsylvania United States
1317Duke University United States
1418University of Michigan United States
1519Cornell University United States
1620University of Toronto Canada
1722Northwestern University United States
1824Carnegie Mellon University United States
1925University of Washington United States
2027University of Texas at Austin United States
2128Georgia Institute of Technology United States
2229University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign United States
2330University of Wisconsin-Madison United States
2431University of British Columbia Canada
2533University of California, Santa Barbara United States
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